NEVER pay ANY money to obtain a job or to receive money. If you are asked to pay AT ANY TIME it IS a SCAM and you WILL lose money instead of getting any.

NEVER give anyone any personal information other than your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

NEVER give anyone your bank account information (have them send you a check or money order), mother's maiden name, U.S. Social Security number, etc. Reputable people do not need this information. Only give your credit card number and expiration date to someone you know is reputable. NEVER pay anyone by sending money via wire, Western Union, etc.

We do our best to protect you by "looking at" all posted ads (and deleting those that "appear" to be scams) but in the end it is your responsibility to safeguard your money and personal information.

IF you see an ad in our classifieds in which it says "REPLY TO THIS AD NOT GOOD IDEA" it is because we have blocked the website/domain/words as a likely scam and have automatically inserted this text in its place as a warning to you. These are mostly scam "ad-posting jobs." We strongly recommend that you do not respond to the ad. (The ad will also be removed soon.) Legitimate ads do NOT contain this phrase.

Finally, a warning about "ad posting" jobs you see throughout the web. It appears that every one of them is a scam. All they seem to post is ads to recruit other people for "ad-posting" jobs. They rarely post "legitimate" ads for other "legitimate" entities. One "ad-posting" job ad we saw said they paid US $2.21 for posting 100 ads. How much time do you think it would take you to post 100 ads? At least several hours! Take heed, these "ad-posting" jobs are not worth your time.

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