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These "Terms and Conditions" are for those who need them explained. When you use the business directory responsibly and place appropriate and legitimate listings you will have no issues.

LISTINGS MUST BE PLACED IN THE CORRECT CATEGORY FOR WHAT IS BEING ADVERTISED! (you do want visitors to find you). FOLLOW THE "LIST OF CATEGORIES" LINK NEAR THE TOP LEFT OF MOST PAGES AND FIND THE CATEGORY THAT BEST REFLECTS WHAT YOU ARE ADVERTISING. Using "Business Services" as a default category for everything is inviting deletion if the listing does not apply.

The following are NOT ALLOWED and listings will likely be deleted (or in some cases, modified):

* Using a "referring URL" such as tinyurl.com. You must use the actual website URL. If you use a "referring URL" (such as tinyurl.com) your URL will not display (and the listing will display a notice that the listing violates our T&C).

* URLs that we have determined to be possible "scam" sites. They will not display (and will display a warning notice instead).

* Listings offering "ad posting jobs" or web sites INCLUDING "ad posting jobs," no matter what else the website has. Most (if not all) ad posting jobs are "scams" in one way or another. Also not allowed are listings offering "data entry jobs" as most of these are for ad posting jobs. As we discover these sites they are automatically blocked.

* Listings for employment or debt relief that require an upfront payment of any kind.

* Listings for at home or online jobs that do NOT "specifically" state what kind of job is being offered and/or do NOT contain a web site URL that explains what the job is about.

* "ALL CAPS" or capitalizing the first letter of many words in a sentence (EXCEPT in the "title" area). You must use upper/lower case letters (this sentence is an example).

* Items or services that can be considered as "adult" in nature. Note that the "matchmaking services" category is for legitimate and ESTABLISHED matchmaking services ONLY (such as match.com). The listing must include a website that we can visit. We reserve the right to decide which listings in this category we keep and which ones we delete. This category is NOT for "adult" themed sites.

* Tobacco, drugs (legal, illegal, herbal, including prescription drugs), drug paraphernalia, prostitution, escorts or alcohol. Permitted are listings related to helping individuals stop using substances.

* Unauthorized items. This includes (but is not limited to) piracy, bootlegs, knock-offs, etc. All listed items must be legitimate and manufactured by the authorized company. If you provide a service all parts provided must be from legitimate sources. No items may be advertised if the function of which will (or can) violate copyright owner rights.

* Items or services that violate (or can violate) any laws or regulations.

* Listings which discriminate (or are hateful) in any way.

* Items sold "as is" unless all known defects are described. An "as is" item must work completely as designed unless otherwise stated.

* Advertising of any telephone prefix sites.

* Links to websites that do not exist or do not apply to the listing copy.

* SPAMMING of the classifieds. A spam listing is one that is placed multiple times in one category, etc.

* Listings advertising "coupon codes."

- Listings or registrations containing false information will have your account suspended and listing(s) removed. Make SURE your registration / listing complies before submitting.

- You MAY place as many appropriate listings in as many appropriate categories as you want.

- The regional category names are the "larger cities" in the region. The region includes ALL communities that are in the same general area or in a very wide area around them. We recommend that you place your listing in the nearest region rather than use the "other areas" category unless you are an extreme distance from the nearest listed city.

- We ask you for some contact information during the registration process. You MUST provide correct information. Example, if you are in the UK you may NOT enter that you are in the U.S. state of Arizona. You can use regular email addresses as they are automatically NOT revealed unless you choose to reveal them in your description. Your contact information will NEVER be shared with anyone except as required by a warrant.

- IF we don't have a specific category that fits your product or service you can place it in the "everything else" or "other" categories. We will monitor the listings in these categories to help consider which categories to add in the future. OR, if you want to suggest a category we do not have yet (but should have and or would like to have), "register" on the site. You will then have access to our "suggest" email address so you can suggest the category to us. We will consider your suggestion and it may be added in the future. Note that since the business directory has NO support we do not send a personal reply.

- For those who enjoy finding and exploiting "loopholes" be forewarned: All loopholes you may find are hereby closed. Any listings will be removed and you will be barred from future advertising. Just because there is nothing that says you "can't" do something doesn't mean you can! If you have ANY doubts whether or not you can advertise something you probably can't.

- This system will send emails to you when you "interact" with this site. By registering you are agreeing to accept these emails with NO complaints. IF at any time you wish to stop receiving emails from this site you MUST remove your registration (which will also remove ALL of your listings). If we discover that YOU have complained about "spam" from this site your registration and ALL of your listings will be deleted. Furthermore you will be banned from advertising here ever again. (Note that this site does NOT send emails to those who have NOT interacted directly with the site itself. IF you JUST "view" this site without interacting with it or to contact an advertiser you will NOT receive any emails from the site.)

- All photos/images MUST be placed via the photo upload feature.

- If you place an listing for antiques the item(s) MUST be legitimate.

- All users, both advertisers and buyers, must treat each other with respect and honesty. False advertising or other negative practices by advertisers or buyers will not be tolerated.

- Items must be accurately described and anything that may cause a buyer to "not" want to buy the item must be fully disclosed. If items do not fully work as intended in any way, that must be clearly described in the listing.

- If you advertise a service, you must be competent in your service. If your service requires licensing in your area your license number must be included in your listing. No unlicensed services may be advertised if a license is required in your area.

- It is the responsibility of the advertiser to remove a listing once an item or service is no longer available. We reserve the right to remove any listing that is obviously out-of-date when we discover it. The inability to access your web site is one example.

- All listings must be G-rated. Do not use inappropriate words or phrases, images, etc. We are NOT prudes but this site is for everyone so we must keep all listings within acceptable limits so as not to offend anyone.

- Any user found to be misusing the site in any way will have their registration and/or their listings removed, and will be barred from placing any future listings.

- We make the final determinations on every listing posted and they may not be appealed. Use the site responsibly and place appropriate and legitimate listings and you have nothing to worry about.

- Be sure ALL uploaded images/photos are G-rated or the entire listing will be removed. We make the final determination of whether your uploads are appropriate.

- No refunds will be made for any reason whatsoever. All advertisers agree not to ask for any such refunds for any reason.

- We reserve the right to modify any "settings" of the site at any time.

- We regularly add, rename, combine, split or move categories (i.e. make modifications to the categories or category structure) to improve the usability of the site. We usually move all appropriate listings to new categories automatically.

- We reserve the right to remove categories (will be rare). IF we do this we will usually move the listings to another category (as appropriate).

- Advertisers and buyers understand that there is absolutely NO customer service or support whatsoever. The site is provided as a service to you. There is NO ONE to help you in ANY way. Everything should be easy to understand and use. You are completely on your own.

- All advertisers agree that these terms and conditions can be added to or changed at any time and all advertisers agree to be bound by the additions and changes during the lifetime of their registration and listings.


- Be SURE to include your postal code and city/state in your listing (if your items or services are regional) as the listings are searchable by zip code no matter where they appear.

- Those listings that have paid for "better placement" will appear above all others.

- If you later add or change enhancements (such as adding/changing a photo) on a current listing all of your new enhancements run to the expiration of the listing. To get the maximum time period, renew (or re-post) your listing at the same time. However, you will may have to pay for the listing and all your enhanced features again. No credit for unused time on previous payments. Note that the software may prevent you from adding to or changing your enhanced features. If this happens you will need to remove the current listing and start over from scratch.

- We recommend paying for an advertised item by credit card or an online payment service. You can also send a money order or check if the advertiser accepts these forms of payment. We highly recommend NOT sending cash or using a wire transfer service unless you are absolutely sure of the integrity of the advertiser. All users of the classifieds are responsible for their own use.

- PRIVACY POLICY - Upon registering, this site collects information from you in order to facilitate your usage of the site. AT NO TIME will we give this information to anyone for any reason (except as required by a warrant). However, the system will provide "some" of your registration information with your listings in order to facilitate buyers ability to contact you (but you can remove it during the listing process IF desired). Your name, address, phone number and/or email address will never be given out by the site unless you have authorized it or put it in your description. Your email address is hidden by default (but you can choose to change the default setting).

- In the unlikely event of software or equipment failure "some" listings and registrations may disappear. We make regular backups of the classifieds. IF we need to revert to a previous "good" copy, listings and registrations placed after the date of the backup copy will be lost. NO refunds IF this should happen.

Last significant update on July 28, 2014.

Listings run for up to FIVE YEARS.

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IF you see a listing that says "REPLY TO THIS AD NOT GOOD IDEA" or "THIS AD VIOLATES OUR T&C" it is because we have blocked the website/domain/words as a likely scam and have automatically inserted this text in its place as a warning to you. These are mostly scam "ad-posting jobs." We strongly recommend that you do not respond to the listing. (The listing will also be removed soon.) Legitimate listings will NEVER contain these phrases.

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