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 Regions cover ALL of the U.S. and the world. Each listing appears on 2-3 relevant pages (assuming you put it in the right category to begin with.)

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Placing a listing is as simple as clicking on "Place A Listing." Placing a listing requires registration (free). We do NOT ask for your name, address, or phone number. We DO suggest you put your contact "email address" in the box provided for it so that customers can contact you. The email address in the box is "hidden" so it cannot be seen. Keep in mind that whatever you include in the "description" section WILL be seen.

All listings include 1 FREE image/photo. Additional images/photos are available.

ALL listings appear on 2-4 pages, depending on the category. Most other sites only put it in one place.

We have "enhancements" that will make your listing(s) stand out from the others. These are optional and NOT required. Note that unless you pay for "enhancements" as shown here, new listings appear at the bottom of pages.

1. The "featured listing" option puts your listing in a "special featured listing box" at the top of the terminal page. No matter what other listings are there, you have a listing "at the top" AND a listing where it would normally be (2 listings)

2. The "priority placement" option moves your listing above those who have not paid for this option (most). This means that instead of being at the bottom it is near the top.

3. The "bolding" option changes the type to bold, AND adds either a blue or yellow background.

Everything should be self-explanatory. If you make an error, messages will tell you what you need to do.

Registration is NOT required to browse listings. Every visitor to the site will have the ability to see your listing(s).

In each category are a number of regional sub-categories. The U.S. and Canada regional sub-categories are meant to cover a large region of each state and province. Select the closest one.

It is very important that you place your listing in the correct category. That way users will be able to find you. IF you place a listing in a wrong category you will find it is not very effective (and we "may" move or remove it).

If we don't currently have a category for you, register and then use the "suggest" link to suggest a category. Or, even better, place your ad in the "other" or "everything else" categories. We watch these categories and may add your category in the future and move your listing(s) to it. These categories should ONLY be used if we have no other category that fits.

Listings run for up to FIVE YEARS.

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IF you see a listing that says "REPLY TO THIS AD NOT GOOD IDEA" or "THIS AD VIOLATES OUR T&C" it is because we have blocked the website/domain/words as a likely scam and have automatically inserted this text in its place as a warning to you. These are mostly scam "ad-posting jobs." We strongly recommend that you do not respond to the listing. (The listing will also be removed soon.) Legitimate listings will NEVER contain these phrases.

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